The innovation landscape gives an overview of the national and international funding instruments in the field of environment and energy for the financing of research and innovation projects.

Each funding instrument is represented as a "mountain". As the classification of the instruments in the x-axis shows, depending on the progress of the project (basic research, applied research, laboratory prototype, pilot and demonstration, market authorisation and introduction, market diffusion and export) different funding instruments are depicted.

In the y-axis, the height of the available funding volume is shown. The zoom function (mouse wheel or corresponding buttons) makes it possible to change the scaling of the y-axis. 

More detailed information about the listed instruments will be displayed as soon as the mouse pointer is positioned on the corresponding surface. A mouse click on the area opens the website of the funding instrument. 

Via six buttons, standard representations can be set, e.g. only to indicate funding instruments in Switzerland or to differentiate between energy and environmental promotion. A custom representation of the funding instruments is possible with the filter option. 

Neither the Federal Office for the Environment nor its employees accept any liability, whether explicit or implied, for the accuracy or completeness of the information in this database. The database is updated regularly and to the best of our knowledge.

Last modification 03.05.2018

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