Mobility and environment: In brief

The stock of vehicles on Swiss roads is growing, and the number of kilometres travelled in passenger as well as in freight transport continues to increase. When it comes to passenger transport, leisure travel accounts for almost half of all distances travelled within Switzerland, making it the main driver of demand for transport performance. Furthermore, air travel abroad has risen sharply since 2010. Lifestyles, new business models and technological developments are constantly changing mobility.

Mobility is after nutrition and housing one of the areas of consumption and production with the greatest effects on the environment. Therefore, environmental policy needs to address these areas.

Mobility, just as nutrition and housing, can only be understood as system with complex interactions between numerous supply and demand factors. The environmental impacts of these systems are the result of the combined effect of

  • values and models
  • behaviour and lifestyles
  • social and temporal structures
  • research, education, knowledge
  • markets and financial systems
  • technologies, products, services
  • political instruments and institutions
  • infrastructures. 

Interaction between supply and demand

Urban agglomerations, urban and rural areas, and mountainous regions require access to safe, affordable and sustainable transport systems to realise their specific development opportunities. For individuals, mobility is a basic human requirement. However, the resulting demand for mobility services depends on the the place of work or the place of training, but also on the supply

Supply differs according to motor vehicle technology, infrastructure development or service quality. Moreover, the mobility system is influenced by policy instruments aimed at reducing the many negative environmental impacts caused by transport.

Introduction of socio-economic systems (PDF, 73 kB, 30.11.2018)Chapter A3, Report Environmet Switzerland 2018

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