Mean monthly and annual runoff

The FOEN provides several datasets with information on the mean monthly and annual runoffs for the present day and future scenarios.

A raster dataset package for the present day (MQ-CH, reference period 1981-2000) and a dataset package in which the information from MQ-CH is translated to the Swiss river network in order to provide runoff estimates for river reaches (MQ-GWN-CH).

The project also includes calculation of CCHydro raster datasets for an updated present period and two future scenarios:

  • Present day (reference period 1980-2009),
  • near future (reference period 2021-2050),
  • and distant future (reference period 2070-2099).
Graph "Mean monthly and annual runoff depths"

Mean monthly and annual runoff depths

The mean monthly and annual runoffs are the classical parameters for the discharge regime of a watercourse. A raster dataset package for the whole of Switzerland is made available by the FOEN and the WSL.

Illustration of the mean runoff

Mean runoff for the river network of Switzerland

For the entire Swiss river network, present-day natural runoff values (monthly and annual means, reference period 1981-2000) have been modelled and the flow regime types determined. The resultant dataset is called “MQ-GWN-CH”.

Mittlerer jährlicher Abfluss in der Schweiz 2070-2099

Mean runoffs for the present day and the future

An updated present-day situation and two future scenarios for mean annual and monthly runoffs are made available from the CCHydro project.

The geodata with geometry (From: VECTOR25, hydrographic network) require a licence agreement with swisstopo and can be ordered free of charge from the following site (german and french only):

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