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SwissPRTR pollutant register

SwissPRTR is the publicly accessible Swiss Pollutant Release and Transfer Register. It provides information about releases of pollutants and transfers of wastes from facilities and diffuse sources.

The most recently published figures are those of 2012. The data for 2013 will be available as of February 2015.

In SwissPRTR you can search for facilities whose annual pollutant releases exceed a specific internationally defined threshold. You can limit your search to specific facility criteria, pollutants or waste treatment.

Data reporting by facilities

Facilities that are required to report their data can do so using a password-protected application:

Christoph Moor, Tel. 031 322 93 84; swissprtr@bafu.admin.ch

Contact: swissprtr@bafu.admin.ch
Last updated on: 13.02.2014

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