Waste along Swiss rivers and lakes

28.04.2022 – A recently conducted national study to assess waste along Swiss rivers and lakes found that the origin of waste is quite diversified: in some cases, waste is discarded directly at the given location; in other cases, the waste washes up on river banks or lake shores or is swept up by the wind or other weather conditions. More often than not, the waste is made of plastic. 

IPCC report

Assessment Report on the Physical Science Basis for climate change

04.04.2022 – #IPCC approves the third part of the Sixth Assessment Report. Only by rapidly reducing and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions can global warming be limited to 1.5 °C. 

Forest Policy

Forest Policy: objectives and measures 2021–2024

20.12.2021 - With this Forest Policy, the Swiss Confederation formulates provisions for the optimal coordination of the ecological, economic and social demands on the forest. It aims to ensure sustainable management of the forest and a sustainable wood supply and create favourable conditions for an efficient and innovative forestry and wood industry. 

Biological risks

Managing biological risks in contained systems

02.12.2021 – These enforcement aid on the roles, tasks and competencies of biosafety and/or biosecu-rity officers have been drawn up to assist companies in their activities involving ge-netically modified, pathogenic or alien organisms, i.e. in preventing the improper use of organisms. Specifically, this document supports the work of one or more indi-viduals designated as biosafety and/or biosecurity officers.

Hydrological Yearbook


Hydrological Yearbook of Switzerland 2020

31.8.2021 - The Hydrological Yearbook of Switzerland gives an overview of the hydrological situation in Switzerland. It shows the changes in water levels and discharge rates of lakes, rivers and ground- water and provides information on water temperatures and the physical and chemical properties of the principal rivers in Switzerland.



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