Financial Market

Climate benchmarking in the Swiss financial market

09.11.2020 – For the first time, the entire Swiss financial market has undergone voluntary climate compatibility testing. The results of these representative tests create transparency while supporting the efforts of the financial institutions involved to guide their investments onto a climate compatible pathway. The results show initial progress, but do not meet the target.



Switzerland supports the development of an ambitious global framework for the protection of the biodiversity

30.09.2020 – Simonetta Sommaruga, President of the Swiss Confederation, at the UN Summit on Biodiversity, underlined the fact that beside global warming the extinction of species is another serious threat for the international community. The habitat for plants and animals and therefore also the livelihood of all humans can only be sustained if we shift towards sustainable production and consumption.

Magazine «the environment»

Magazine "environment" 3/2020 - A beautiful diversity

The landscape is important in Swiss society. Switzerland has developed an ambitious landscape policythat strives to put the focus on landscape quality throughout the entire country. This policy is distinctivein that it is cross-cutting and coherent across different policy areas and political levels.

Financial education

Sustainability in financial education and training in Switzerland

Systematic consideration of environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities is of increasing importance for financial services providers. Sustainability integration in financial education and training is still in its infancy. In collaboration with Swiss Sustainable Finance, the FOEN wants to seize this opportunity and ensure, in dialogue with the players, that sustainable finance becomes an integral part of financial education.


Teller mit Kunststoffabfall

Plastics in the environment

14.05.2020 – Plastics do not belong in the environment, nevertheless around 14,000 tonnes end up in Switzerland’s soil and waters every year.

Since it only degrade very slowly and accumulate in the environment, the amount of plastics must be reduced as far as possible in accordance with the precautionary principle.




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