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Biodiversity in Switzerland

Switzerland submitted its fifth national report in anticipation of the twelfth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in October 2014. The report explains how the Convention on Biological Diversity is being implemented in Switzerland. This summary covers the key information contained in the international report

At a glance

State of biodiversity

More than one-third of all surveyed species and nearly half of all habitat types are threatened. Losses are primarily due to intensive land use.

Species conservation

We want to conserve Switzerland’s unique species diversity forever. The “species conservation” concept describes the ways in which we can all reach this goal together.

Invasive species

Invasive species pose a threat to biodiversity, humans and the environment, which is why the Confederation regulates their management and coordinates containment and removal measures.

Biodiversity Action Plan

The Swiss Biodiversity Strategy and its related action plan are aimed at leaving future generations with rich biodiversity.

Wildlife and hunting

For the purpose of enforcing Swiss hunting legislation, the FOEN works with the cantons to conserve native wild mammals and birds as well as their habitats.

Water habitats and fishing

An intact network of bodies of water is of key importance for biodiversity. Therefore, the Confederation regulates the protection and use of fish populations and water habitats.

Ecological infrastructure

By 2040, ecologically valuable areas in Switzerland should be interconnected so that exchanges within a species are ensured, migrating animals can overcome barriers and ecological services are conserved over the long term for the benefit of our society.

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