Research encouragement

The FOEN has launched a call for proposals to promote research on the effects of non-ionising radiation (NIR) on health and the environment. The call for proposals aims to support research projects that investigate various health topics or questions relating to biological effects of NIR. A total of 16 projects were submitted by 15 May 2022. The two-round evaluation and selection process is ongoing.

More information about the call for proposals: Call for proposals Funding of research on the effects of non-ionising radiation on health and the environment (PDF, 469 kB, 15.03.2022)

Mobile Radio and Radiation

Report "Mobile Radio and Radiation" by the working group on Mobile Radio and Radiation

28.11.2019 – In Switzerland the introduction of 5th generation mobile radio technology (5G) has begun. This report (PDF, 694 kB, 28.11.2019) describes technical facts about 5G, addresses the operation of the Swiss mobile radio networks and their regulation, estimates the exposure of the population to non-ionising radiation (NIR) and summarises the scientific findings on possible health consequences. 


Newsletter BERENIS

Newsletter BERENIS - December 2022

30.11.2022 - In the period from mid of January 2022 to mid of April 2022, 108 new publications have been identified, and six of these were discussed in depth by BERENIS. Based on the selection criteria, five of these publications were selected as the most relevant ones. Their summaries and assessments are provided below.


At a glance

Power lines

How strong are the electric and magnetic fields around power lines?

Impacts of electrosmog

What are the known electrosmog impacts on humans? Where do research gaps still exist?

Light emissions

Which impacts can artificial light have on nocturnal animals and humans?

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