Global warming


IPCC special report on global warming

08.10.2018 - In order to limit global warming to 1.5 °C, the world needs to achieve carbon neutrality around 2050. This will require a rapid and drastic reduction in emissions, the use of technologies to remove carbon from the atmosphere, and changes in habits.

IPCC report

Zukünftige Klimapolitik

First step towards climate-aligned financial flows

In the context of the Paris Agreement, Swiss pension funds and insurance companies were invited by the FOEN and the State Secretariat for International Financial SIF to test the climate compatibility of their portfolios. The offer attracted widespread interest. The Swiss financial sector remains insufficiently focused on climate-friendly investments.  

Study Quantifying the alignment of Swiss pension funds and insurances with the Paris agreement (PDF, 1 MB, 23.10.2017)

Revision of the CO2 Ordinance

Brennpunkt Revision CO2-Verordnung

Linking of the Swiss and EU emissions trading systems: CO2 Ordinance revision enters consultation phase

Bern, 25.03.2019 - On 25 March 2019, the DETEC opened the consultation on the partial revision of the current CO2 Ordinance. The amendment is needed so that the Swiss and EU emissions trading schemes (ETS) can be linked. From 2020, emissions from civil aviation and fossil power plants will be included in the Swiss ETS, as is already the case in the EU.


At a glance

CO2 statistics

The annual survey of emissions from thermal and motor fuels shows whether CO2 reduction efforts are on track.

Climate-friendly financial flows

Under the Paris Agreement, investments should be made in technologies and energies that are aligned with climate goals.

CO2 levy

This steering levy provides an incentive for more economical use of thermal fuel.

Domestic compensation projects

CO2 reductions achieved through projects in Switzerland can be used to compensate for emissions.

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