IPCC meeting in Interlaken

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Interlaken

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has approved the Synthesis Report of its 6th reporting cycle. Only with ambitious climate protection can global warming be limited to 1.5 °C by the end of the century.

More about the 6th IPCC Report

IPCC report

Assessment Report on the Physical Science Basis for climate change

IPCC approves the second part of the Sixth Assessment Report: Ecosystems and society are increasingly vulnerable to risks from climate change. 

Long-term climate strategy

Federal Council adopts Switzerland’s long-term climate strategy

28.01.2021 - Switzerland aims to have net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. The Federal Council set the net-zero target in 2019 and on 27 January 2021 adopted the corresponding “Long-Term Climate Strategy for Switzerland”.

Financial Market

How can Switzerland align its financial flows with climate goals?

17.11.2021 – In the report on the postulate by the Council of States Environment Committee, the Federal Council outlines measures that Switzerland can undertake to ensure that its financial flows become climate-friendly. Industry agreements between the financial sector and the federal government can have a particularly positive impact on the climate. Indirectly, increased transparency can also have a positive effect.

Adaptation to climate change

Adaptation to climate change – Pilot programme phase II

The climate is changing and Switzerland needs to adapt to the impacts. The Swiss Confederation has drawn up a corresponding strategy. It aims to minimise risks and seize opportunitiess. The adaptation strategy also encompasses an extensive pilot programme. Innovative projects specifically help cantons, regions and municipalities to adapt to climate change.


At a glance

Target: net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

Switzerland must achieve climate-neutrality by 2050. This is stipulated in the Climate and Innovation Act.

CO2 statistics

The annual survey of emissions from thermal and motor fuels shows whether CO2 reduction efforts are on track.

CO2 levy

This steering levy provides an incentive for more economical use of thermal fuel.

Domestic compensation projects

CO2 reductions achieved through projects in Switzerland can be used to compensate for emissions.

Climate-friendly financial flows

Under the Paris Agreement, investments should be made in technologies and energies that are aligned with climate goals.

Climate Programme – training and communications

The Climate Programme supplements and strengthens the measures of the CO2 Act and promotes climate protection.

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