Report on climate change

Assessment Report on the Physical Science Basis for climate change

On August 9, the IPCC released its 6th Assessment Report on the Physical Science Basis for climate change. It confirms the contribution of man-made greenhouse gases to global warming and the link between climate change and increasingly frequent extreme weather events.

Assessment Report

Long-term climate strategy

Federal Council adopts Switzerland’s long-term climate strategy

28.01.2021 - Switzerland aims to have net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. The Federal Council set the net-zero target in 2019 and on 27 January 2021 adopted the corresponding “Long-Term Climate Strategy for Switzerland”.

Financial Market

Climate benchmarking in the Swiss financial market

09.11.2020 – For the first time, the entire Swiss financial market has undergone voluntary climate compatibility testing. The results of these representative tests create transparency while supporting the efforts of the financial institutions involved to guide their investments onto a climate compatible pathway. The results show initial progress, but do not meet the target.

Climate change

New publication: Climate change in Switzerland

Using selected examples, this report describes Switzerland’s contribution to climate change (greenhouse gas emissions and their sources), the observed state of the climate and its expected future development, as well as the impacts of climate change on natural systems, society and the economy.

Climate change abroad

New publication: Climate change abroad – risks and opportunities for Switzerland

19.02.2020 – As an internationally networked country, Switzerland is indirectly affected by the consequences of climate change abroad. The FOEN publication «Climate change abroad - risks and opportunities for Switzerland» shows how global climate change is affecting Switzerland.

At a glance

2050 target

Switzerland should aim for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

CO2 statistics

The annual survey of emissions from thermal and motor fuels shows whether CO2 reduction efforts are on track.

CO2 levy

This steering levy provides an incentive for more economical use of thermal fuel.

Domestic compensation projects

CO2 reductions achieved through projects in Switzerland can be used to compensate for emissions.

Climate-friendly financial flows

Under the Paris Agreement, investments should be made in technologies and energies that are aligned with climate goals.

Climate Programme – training and communications

The Climate Programme supplements and strengthens the measures of the CO2 Act and promotes climate protection.

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