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2/2020 Natural hazards

Switzerland has learned from the natural disasters of the past and has developed an integrated risk management approach that reduces the risks to an acceptable level. Our response to natural hazards is of a high standard and is recognised internationally.

Impacts of climate change

Brennpunkt Studie Klimawandel

New report: Natural hazards and climate change in Switzerland - State of knowledge

The report (PDF, 2 MB, 09.06.2020) provides a structured overview of the most important technical studies on climate change and natural hazards in Switzerland of the last 10 years. Based on this compilation, initial recommendations for the future management of gravitational natural hazards were derived.

Zusammenfassung (PDF, 762 kB, 17.08.2020)


A collective contribution to protecting the population against avalanches

As an Alpine country, Switzerland has a long tradition of avalanche protection. This tradition has recently been added to UNESCO's Intangible World Cultural Heritage List. What is the FOEN’s role in managing avalanches as a natural hazard and what does it do to help keep people safe? Vice-Director Paul Steffen has the answers.

Protection against Mass Movement Hazards

Guideline: Protection against Mass Movement Hazards

This guideline explains the management of landslides, hillslope debris flows and rockfall processes. These natural hazards are identified and evaluated using state-of-the-art methods. The criteria of probability of occurrence and intensity are determined for the compilation of hazard maps.

At a glance

Recommendations on what to do in the event of a hazard

Taking the proper actions before, during and after a natural hazard helps to keep you and others safe and reduce the damage

Hazard maps

Information about hazard maps, intensity maps and hazard index maps as well as links to the cantonal geoportals

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