Deposition of atmospheric pollutants in Switzerland

This report describes the spatial distribution and chronological development of pollutants in mosses in Switzerland. The series of studies has been carried out every 5 years since 1990 within the scope of the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution. Concentrations of nitrogen in mosses have barely changed since 1995. 

At a glance

Air quality

Air quality has improved in recent years, but particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen oxide and ammonia levels are still too high.

Air pollution

How polluted is the air in Switzerland currently?


Air pollution adversely affects humans, ecosystems, buildings, materials and the climate.

Air pollution control measures

Pollution emissions need to be further reduced until humans and the environment are no longer adversely affected.

International pollution control

Since air pollution knows no international boundaries, Switzerland is actively involved in international bodies to limit air pollution in Europe.


This educational site engages youth aged 13 to 16 with an interactive image and six main questions on the topic of air quality

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