Hydrological Yearbook 2021

UZ-2215 Brennpunkt

Hydrological Yearbook of Switzerland 2021

13.07.2022 - The Hydrological Yearbook of Switzerland gives an overview of the hydrological situation in Switzerland. It shows the changes in water levels and discharge rates of lakes, rivers and ground- water and provides information on water temperatures and the physical and chemical properties of the principal rivers in Switzerland.

Low water in the Rhine

Low water in the Rhine

When the melt water is missing: More often low water expected in the Rhine in the future

11.07.2022 - Melting glaciers and less snow can lead to more often low-water situations in the Rhine from Basel to the North Sea - this is shown by the results of a recently completed research project commissioned by the transnational Commission on the Hydrology of the Rhine (CHR).


NAQUA update

25.04.2022 - The latest findings of the NAQUA National Groundwater Monitoring show that nitrate concentrations on the Swiss Plateau have increased for three years in a row. Pesticide metabolites continue to impair groundwater quality in large areas.



Swiss Water Bodies in a Changing Climate

16.03.2021 - There will be no general shortage, but water may be scarce depending on the region and time of year – conversely, heavier rainfall will lead to more local flooding. These and many more are the findings of the Hydro-CH2018 “Hydrological Principles of Climate Change”.

Media release of 16.03.2021



New publication: Use of environmental DNA to monitor aquatic ecosystems

What are the advantages and disadvantages, what methods are available, and what best practices and routine standards should be applied? These questions can all be answered by these guidelines on the use of eDNA methods for the biological analysis and evaluation of aquatic ecosystems.

At a glance

Water flow and flow regime

Water supply depends on natural factors and is influenced by hydropower production and climate change. The FOEN is monitoring the water flow and flow regime of Swiss bodies of water. 

Monitoring data and statistics

Current monitoring data on bodies of water, the possibility of obtaining data, information about extreme value statistics and data on the water withdrawn and returned

State of waterbodies

Despite the generally good quality of its water, residues from fertilizer and plant protection products, chemical residues from wastewater, as well as man-made structures and artificial obstacles damage surface and underground waters.

Ground water

Good quality groundwater is available in sufficient quantities almost everywhere in Switzerland. Traces of artificial, rather persistent substances are found mainly below cropland and in settlement areas.

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