Conserve Natural Resources. Do Business Successfully – Live Well

GO FOR IMPACT – A group of high-profile individuals from business, society and the publicsector developed the impulse for a resource-conserving and socially-acceptable economicapproach and approved the corresponding model in September 2016. The group convenedat the invitation of the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN.

At a glance

Resource consumption

Studies show that natural resources are massively over-exploited at this time.

Green economy

Conserving natural resources and strengthening the Swiss economy at the same time.


Innovation as a driver of a resource-conserving and resource-efficient economy.

Sustainable consumption

Promotion of environmentally-friendly production and consumption patterns.

Sustainable finance

The financial system as a driver of the transition to a green economy.

Public procurement

How public bodies are actively helping to green the markets

Actual news

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