Environmental Footprints

New publication «Environmental Footprints of Switzerland»

This study shows the development of Switzerland’s consumption-based environmental impact from 1996 to 2015 (environmental footprints). Switzerland’s resulting footprints are not in line with the planetary boundaries, and while the share of the environmental impact caused within the country is decreasing, the share of the impact caused abroad is sharply rising.

One Planet Approaches

«One Planet Approaches» report

Mankind is transgressing planetary boundaries. Which approaches lead to a «1 planet economy»? A new report provides for the first time an overview on the growing number of approaches. It concludes with recommendations for companies, the research community, governments, and the civil society.

Video The Planetary Boundaries  

Peat exit plan

Wettbewerbsbeitrag "Schaufel im Boden" von Lubomira Veselovska aus Brugg aufgenommen am Sonntag (20.09.15) in Windisch

Market participants join forces to reduce peat use

09.08.2017 - In Switzerland, moors have been protected since 1987, and peat may no longer be extracted. Nevertheless, it is estimated that Switzerland imports up to 524,000 m3 of peat every year. In the interest of also reducing the environmental damage caused abroad, the Federal Council adopted the peat exit plan in 2012.

The first phase of the exit plan stipulates industry to actively take voluntary measures.

At a glance

Resource consumption

Studies show that natural resources are massively over-exploited at this time.

Green economy

Conserving natural resources and strengthening the Swiss economy at the same time.


Innovation as a driver of a resource-conserving and resource-efficient economy.

Sustainable consumption

Promotion of environmentally-friendly production and consumption patterns.

Sustainable finance

The financial system as a driver of the transition to a green economy.

Public procurement

How public bodies are actively helping to green the markets

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