Swiss Eco-Factors

Swiss Eco-Factors 2021 according to the Ecological Scarcity Method

This publication describes how Switzerland's eco-factors are derived on the basis of current emissions in relation to the targets set out in legislation. This fifth edition adds eco-factors for the use of marine fish resources to the set of existing eco-factors.

Financial education

Sustainability in financial education and training in Switzerland

Systematic consideration of environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities is of increasing importance for financial services providers. Sustainability integration in financial education and training is still in its infancy. In collaboration with Swiss Sustainable Finance, the FOEN wants to seize this opportunity and ensure, in dialogue with the players, that sustainable finance becomes an integral part of financial education.

Planetary Boundaries

Is Europe living within the limits of our planet?

This report of the European Environment Agency EEA and the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN assesses selected environmental footprints for Europe based on the concept of planetary boundaries. It explores various approaches for allocating global limits to the European level.

Environmental Atlas

Environmental Atlas of Swiss Supply Chains

Today's economy is highly interconnected. As a result, the environmental impacts associated with the production of goods are also felt worldwide. There is therefore an increasing onus on businesses to think about their supply chains. To assist companies in this task, the FOEN, working closely with the private sector, carried out a study to identify environmental hotspots in the supply chains of eight key Swiss industries.

One Planet Approaches

«One Planet Approaches» report

Mankind is transgressing planetary boundaries. Which approaches lead to a «1 planet economy»? A new report provides for the first time an overview on the growing number of approaches. It concludes with recommendations for companies, the research community, governments, and the civil society.

Video The Planetary Boundaries  

At a glance

Resource consumption

Studies show that natural resources are massively over-exploited at this time.

Green economy

Conserving natural resources and strengthening the Swiss economy at the same time.

Circular economy

Using raw materials efficiently and for as long as possible.  

Sustainable consumption

Promotion of environmentally-friendly production and consumption patterns.

Sustainable finance

The financial system as a driver of the transition to a green economy.

Public procurement

How public bodies are actively helping to green the markets

Actual news

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