Movement of waste

Transboundary movement of waste

14.12.2022 - This information brochure is directed at exporters and importers of waste and it describes the international and domestic regulations relating to transboundary shipments.


Waste along Swiss rivers and lakes

28.04.2022 – A recently conducted national study to assess waste along Swiss rivers and lakes found that the origin of waste is quite diversified: in some cases, waste is discarded directly at the given location; in other cases, the waste washes up on river banks or lake shores or is swept up by the wind or other weather conditions. More often than not, the waste is made of plastic. 

Recycling of agricultural film

Cover Recycling von Landwirtschaftsfolien

Recycling of agricultural film

Recycling of agricultural film gains momentum. The recycling of silage films will be introduced throughout Switzerland from 2022. This means that plastics used in agriculture will be recycled to a greater extent in the future. The newly founded ERDE Schweiz association, headed by, is making this possible. The FOEN accompanies the work. (Website in German)


Teller mit Kunststoffabfall

Plastics in the environment

14.05.2020 – Plastics do not belong in the environment, nevertheless around 14,000 tonnes end up in Switzerland’s soil and waters every year.

Since it only degrade very slowly and accumulate in the environment, the amount of plastics must be reduced as far as possible in accordance with the precautionary principle.


Food waste

Food Waste

Food waste

25.10.2019 - Discarded, but actually edible food pollutes the environment. In Switzerland, this accounts for 25 percent of the environmental impact of all food consumed. This is the finding of a study by ETH Zurich. The food losses that we cause by consuming imported products are also taken into account.


At a glance

Plastic waste

Plastic consumption is increasing, which results in an increase in the amount of plastic waste. Criteria for the separate collection of plastic, information on recycling and disposal options.

Food waste

An estimated 2.6 million tonnes of food are wasted across the entire value chain. For the first time ever, studies show the situation in Switzerland.

Waste Ordinance (VVEA)

The implementation tool will be developed into different modules in stages. An overview of progress in the work, the formation of working groups and frequently asked questions.

Waste statistics

Waste in numbers: overview of waste quantities and recycling rates. Methodology explanations.

Transboundary movements of waste

Export, import and transit of waste as well as information on the export of used goods.


The Minimata Convention is a global legally binding instrument on management of this toxic metal; Switzerland is adapting four ordinances to it.

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