Landscape Award


Preventing natural hazards: The Bregaglia Valley bets on its landscape assets

28.01.2021 - In Bergell (GR), local authorities have initiated a project that carefully integrates protective infrastructures against natural hazards into the historic cultural landscape. A good reason, therefore, to nominate Bregaglia for the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe.

Swiss Landscape Concept SLC

Swiss Landscape Concept SLC is updated

On 27.05.2020 the Federal Council adopted the updated Swiss Landscape Concept (SLC). The new objectives promote a coherent landscape policy by federal, cantonal and municipal authorities and contribute to quality-oriented design of the changing landscape.

At a glance

Swiss Landscape Concept SLC

On 27.05.2020 the Federal Council adopted the updated Swiss Landscape Concept (SLC).

Shaping landscape change

Swiss landscapes are diverse and attractive. To keep them that way, landscape quality must be a part of all spatially relevant decision-making processes

Mire landscapes

Mire landscapes are some of the most valuable areas. 89 mire landscapes are of national importance and fully protected by the Swiss Federal Constitution.

Landscapes and natural monuments (LNM)

The federal inventory of landscapes and natural monuments (ILNM) designates the most valuable landscapes in Switzerland. They document the visible spatial diversity of Switzerland. Landscapes and natural monuments (LNM)

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