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Data: Greenhouse gas emissions in Switzerland

Data on Switzerland’s greenhouse gas emissions are included in Switzerland’s greenhouse gas inventory.

Climate change

The global climate has had natural fluctuations over periods of time ranging from a several years to millions of years. Since the beginning of industrialization the composition of the atmosphere has increasingly changed due to greenhouse gas emissions. This man-made development amplifies the natural greenhouse effect and leads to a noticeable change in the climate.

Effects of climate change

Switzerland is expected to be disproportionately affected by climate change, with impacts on the environment, the economy and society. In the long term the negative consequences will clearly outweigh the positive consequences.

Swiss climate policy

Switzerland pursues an active policy on reducing greenhouse gases, thus contributing to the internationally agreed target of limiting global warming to considerably less than 2 °C, and ideally 1.5 °C. The CO2 Act focuses on reducing Switzerland’s domestic emissions.

Adaptation to climate change

The climate will continue to change. Because global warming can be limited in the best case to 1.5 °C, adaptation to the effects of climate change is gaining in importance. This platform bundles information on the adaptation activities of the Swiss Confederation, cantons and communes.

Climate: International Affairs

Greenhouse gas emissions do not respect national borders. Because climate change has had serious repercussions for Switzerland with its mountain ecosystem, a globally coordinated course of action for this Alpine country is essential. Switzerland is strongly committed to climate protection at an international level.

Climate change: Questions and answers

What is the greenhouse effect? Is climate change really caused by human activity? Interesting facts in a nutshell.

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