Climate change and effects

Emissions of greenhouse gases have been increasingly changing the composition of the atmosphere since the start of the industrial age. This man-made development is intensifying the natural greenhouse effect and is already having a noticeable impact on climate change today. This will continue to worsen in the future.

Detailed information is available on the website of the Confederation’s National Centre for Climate Services (NCCS), an online platform for climate information and services:

Grundlagen Klimaentwicklung

Climate basics

Explanations and terms relating to topics such as climate change, impacts and measures

beobachtete Entwicklung

Observed climate change in Switzerland

Overview of climatic changes in Switzerland since the start of measurements


Swiss Climate Change Scenarios

Future development of the climate in Switzerland until the middle and end of the century

Gewässerperle Areuabach

Hydro-CH2018 hydrological scenarios

Effects of climate change on Swiss water bodies

Risiken und Chancen Klimawandel

Risks and opportunities of climate change

Analysis of climate-related risks and opportunities for major regions and sectors

Auswirkungen Klimawandel Ausland

Climate change abroad – risks for Switzerland

Switzerland is also indirectly affected by developments and events abroad, such as climate-related changes.

Further information

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