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Publications, media

Environmental reports -

Environmental reports provide an overview of the environment's status, trends and prospects in Switzerland

Publications of the FOEN -

FOEN publications can be ordered online or downloaded.

Magazine «environment» -

The magazine «environment» is published quartely in German, French and in Italian (online). Each issue focuses on a specific theme, presenting the latest knowledge in the field and providing keys to acting more sustainably. A number of issues adressing themes of international interest have been translated into English. They are listed below.

News releases -

including all services of the Media Office of the FOEN

Newsletter, RSS-Feed und Social Media des BAFU -

Sie möchten über alles vom BAFU auf dem Laufenden bleiben? Informieren sich schnell und einfach über folgende Kanäle.

Thema Umweltrecht -

Zugang zum geltenden Umweltrecht, Vollzugshilfen, Vernehmlassungen und Anhörungen sowie Rechtsgutachten

Contact: info@bafu.admin.ch
Last updated on: 14.08.2015

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