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Emissions trading

Emissions trading makes it possible to reduce emissions where it costs the least to do so. As a result, emission reduction targets can be achieved cost-efficiently. Emission allowances, emission reduction certificates and attestations are mainly traded by companies and specialised dealers.

Swiss emissions trading scheme (ETS) -

Der Emissionshandel ermöglicht es, Treibhausgasemissionen da zu reduzieren, wo die Kosten am tiefsten sind. Mit diesem Marktinstrument lassen sich Klimaschutzziele kosteneffizient erreichen.

Linking the Swiss and EU emissions trading schemes -

Linking the Swiss and EU CO2 emissions markets would be beneficial for both environmental policy and the economy. Negotiations on this matter are already in progress.

The Swiss Emissions Trading Registry (EHR) -

Emission allowances, emission reduction certificates and attestations from Switzerland and companies that participate in emissions trading can be recorded in the Swiss Emissions Trading Registry.

Emission reduction projects abroad and certificates -

The flexibility mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol enable developed countries and companies to allocate emission reductions achieved abroad to their emission reduction targets.

Contact: emissions-trading@bafu.admin.ch
Last updated on: 24.04.2015

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