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Waters indicators

Water resources and water bodies in Switzerland are subject to demands from the most diverse range of users: they are an indispensable necessity of life for plants and animals, they are subjected to intensive river engineering schemes to protect cultivated and developed land, used to generate energy, for leisure and recreation purposes and as a source of drinking water and process water. The increasing frequency of droughts caused by climate change can cause local water supply shortages and aggravate conflicts between different uses (e.g. irrigation versus ecologically necessary residual water flow). The water quality of lakes and rivers has improved considerably in recent decades. However, levels of nitrates and pesticides causing pollution of groundwater are still too high in places and microcontaminants pose a challenge for waste water treatment plants. Renaturation schemes are improving the poor ecological condition of many streams, rivers and shores of lakes.

* = Core indicator

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Last updated on: 13.07.2011

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