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Indicator People exposed to vibration

Perceptible vibrations are disturbing and have a negative effect on wellbeing. Trains are the main source of vibrations. The intensity of vibrations depends on the condition of the rails and rolling stock, as well as the weight, speed and composition of the train. The composition of the ground and the construction of the affected buildings also influence the intensity of the vibrations.
Assessment of the state: Symbol negative
Assessment of the trend: Symbol neutral
People exposed to vibration
Source: Federal Office of Transport and others.

In 2009, a total of 40,000 people in Switzerland were exposed to vibrations. At present there are no legal provisions in force calling for the implementation of measures to reduce railway vibrations. Due to the limited space available for housing, an ever increasing number of residential dwellings are being constructed close to railway lines, and the volume of goods transport by rail, which is one of the main sources of vibrations, will continue to increase. However, in an ongoing research project suitable abatement measures are being examined, and legislation aimed at limiting vibrations is currently in preparation. In view of this, the trend is assessed as neutral.
The indicator is based on several factors, including an estimate by the Federal Office of Transport.

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Last updated on: 28.04.2014

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