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Indicator People exposed to vibration

Vibration above the threshold of human perception is perceived as very disturbing and affects well-being. The main sources of vibration are the railways. The numerous influencing factors at the source of the vibrations are decisive for the intensity of the immissions: current state of track and rolling stock; size, speed and composition of the train. The composition of the support layer in relation to propagation as well as the construction and type of buildings affected at the immission point also affect the intensity of the vibrations.
Assessment of the state: Symbol negative
Assessment of the trend: Symbol neutral
People exposed to vibration
Source: Federal Office of Transport and others.

In 2009, a total of 40,000 people in Switzerland were exposed to excessive vibration levels. There are currently no regulations in force that force the railways to instigate abatement measures. Due to limited development space, residential buildings are increasingly being built close to transport routes and the main cause, rail freight traffic, is continuing to increase. However, suitable measures are currently being investigated in a research project and regulations regarding a limit value for vibrations are being prepared. For this reason, the trend is assessed as neutral.
The indicator is based on several factors, including an estimate by the Federal Office of Transport.

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Last updated on: 14.07.2013

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