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Water: In brief -

informs about the state of the environment and reveals the links between driving forces, pressures, environmental quality, impacts and responses.

Water: Monitoring data and statistics -

Links to current monitoring data on bodies of water, the possibility of obtaining data, information about extreme value statistics, data on the water withdrawn and returned and the Hydrological Yearbook of Switzerland.

Groundwater -

Good quality groundwater is available in sufficient quantities almost everywhere in Switzerland. Traces of artificial, rather persistent substances are found mainly in conurbations and regions used for intensive agriculture. This is shown by the analyses of the National Groundwater Monitoring NAQUA.

Measures for water protection -

The federal water protection legislation promotes the rehabilitation of rivers and lakes with a view to restoring their natural functions and boosting their social benefits. An additional treatment stage shall be added to wastewater treatment plants to reduce micropollutant levels in water bodies.


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Last updated on: 17.07.2017

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