Water Quality Section

The Section handles:

  • Protection of the water bodies against substance pollution from agriculture
  • Implementation of the water protection measures in the Action Plan to reduce the risks of Plant Protection Products
  • Requirements on water quality of surface and underground waters
  • Methods to investigate and assess surface waters (Modular Stepwise Procedure, MSP)
  • National monitoring/analysis of the water quality of surface and underground water bodies (NAWA, NAQUA, BAQUA)
  • Reporting on the water quality of surface and underground water bodies (substances, temperature, biology) and on the need for action to safeguard and improve water quality
  • International transboundary water body and water protection commissions

Section topics:


Christian Leu

Christian Leu
head of section
Responsibilities: Technical, strategic and administrative management of the section
Tel.: +41 58 463 71 77
E-mail: christian.leu@bafu.admin.ch


Fabian Soltermann
deputy head of section
Responsibilities: Management of the domain "water quality related to agriculture", plant protection products
+41 58 460 56 66
E-Mail: fabian.soltermann@bafu.admin.ch

Georges Chassot
Responsibilities: Improvement of water protection enforcement in agriculture, assessment of projects under Article 62a Waters Protection Act, nutrients from agriculture
Tel.: +41 58 464 76 93
E-mail: georges.chassot@bafu.admin.ch

Anke Hofacker
micropollutants, microplastics, International monitoring station at Weil am Rhein (RÜS), International Commission for Protection of the Rhine (ICPR)
Tel.: +41 58 463 02 55
E-mail: anke.hofacker@bafu.admin.ch

Bänz Lundsgaard-Hansen
International Commission for the Protection of Lake Constance (IGKB), NAWA, fish, lakes, temperature
+41 58 461 44 26

Nicole Munz
Responsibilities: NAWA, plant protection products, micropollutants, ecotoxicology
Tel.: +41 58 467 69 71
E-mail: nicole.munz@bafu.admin.ch

Reto Muralt
Responsibilities: Water protection in agriculture, water quality, groundwater
Tel.: +41 58 463 74 41
E-mail: reto.muralt@bafu.admin.ch

Marie-Sophie Renevier
NAWA, macrophytes, diatoms, invasive species, temperatures
Tel.: +41 58 481 54 65
E-Mail: marie-sophie.renevier@bafu.admin.ch

Yael Schindler Wildhaber
Modular Stepwise Procedure (MSP), NAWA, sediment, macrozoobenthos
Tel.: +41 58 462 52 26
E-mail: yael.schindler@bafu.admin.ch

Urs Schönenberger
Responsibilities: Watercourse monitoring
Tel.: +41 58 467 38 51
E-Mail: urs.schoenenberger@bafu.admin.ch


Further information

Further information

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