B/CH/20/02 (B20002): Application to release genetically modified wheat strains with improved mildew resistance for experimental purposes

Request authorised march 29, 2021

Publication in the Federal Law Gazette (BBl):

Applicant: University of Zurich, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology

Organism: wheat

Property: improved resistance against mildew

Genetic modification:

- Gene of interest

  1. Ubiquitin promoter from maize;
  2. Mildew resistance gene: Pm3, Pm8 and Pm17 from wheat and rye; Pm17 and all Pm3 alleles with insertion of a 27 bp long DNA sequence, which codes for the HA epitope tag, before the stop codon; Pm8 with insertion of a 30 bp long DNA sequence, which codes for the myc epitope tag;
  3. Native Lr34 termination sequence from wheat.

- Marker gene

  1. Ubiquitin promoter from maize;
  2. Selection marker gene manA from Escherichia coli;
  3. Nopalin synthase termination sequence from Agrobacterium tumefaciens.

Purpose of experiment:

  • Comparing parental lines previously released in 2014-2018 to the stacked lines analysed in the authorized experiment B18001;
  • Clarification of biosafety aspects related to the release of transgenic wheat.

Location of experiment:

  • Protected site of Agroscope at the site of Zurich, Reckenholz, Reckenholzstrasse 191, 8046 Zurich
    Duration of experiment: spring 2021 to autumn 2023

Legal basis:

  • Gene Technology Act (GTA)
  • Release Ordinance (RO)



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