Latest greenhouse gas inventory of Switzerland

Inventory data and documentation submitted under the UNFCCC in 2020 (covering the years 1990-2018).

Submission of April 2020

Registry Data - Submission 2020 (ZIP, 56 kB, 14.04.2020)Information on the Swiss National Registry for the year 2019 (SEF and SIAR tables).

UNFCCC review

Switzerland has been informed by the UNFCCC secretariat that Switzerland’s greenhouse gas inventory submitted in April 2020 will not be subject to review (i.e. the documents FCCC-ARR-2020-CHE and FCCC-ASR-2020-CHE will not be compiled).

Aggregate information on greenhouse gas emissions 2020 (FCCC-WEB-AGI-2020) (PDF, 2 MB, 26.06.2020)Aggregate information on greenhouse gas emissions by sources and removals by sinks for Parties included in Annex I to the Convention.

Last modification 12.10.2020

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