Environmental report 2022

The Environment Switzerland report is published every four years by the Federal Council in fulfilment of its statutory mandate to provide information under the Environmental Protection Act (Art. 10f). This latest report, Environment Switzerland 2022, presents an overview of the current state and trends of the environment in Switzerland and of Switzerland’s environmental impact. It assesses the measures taken by the federal government to improve the quality of the environment and identifies areas in which further action is required.

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0  In brief

A Switzerland’s resource consumption

  • A1 Fundamental mandate of environmental policy
  • A2 Switzerland's environmental footprint
  • A3 Key drivers: mobility, housing, nutrition
  • A3.1 Mobility
  • A3.2 Housing
  • A3.3 Nutrition

B Implementation of environmental policy

  • B1 Climat
  • B2 Air
  • B3 Biodiversity
  • B4 Water
  • B5 Forest
  • B6 Soil
  • B7 Landscape
  • B8 Tranquillity
  • B9 Natural hazards
  • B10 Major accident risks
  • B11 Biosafety
  • B12 Chemicals
  • B13 Waste and raw materials
  • B14 Contaminated sites
  • B15 Electrosmog

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