Natural Hazards: geodata

Available geodata at the FOEN on the topic of natural hazards

Windstorm risk


Overland flow map


Potential permafrost distribution

Information on additional geodata available on request:


The Aquaprotect project developed a Switzerland-wide overview of potential flood risks for the first time and presented the information in the form of a map. Further information and the form for ordering data from the Aquaprotect project can be found here:

Hazard maps, intensity maps and hazard index maps

The hazard maps, intensity maps and hazard index maps are compiled by the cantons and can be viewed on the cantonal geoportals. Further information and links to the cantonal geoportals can be found here:

StorMe register of natural hazard events

With the StorMe (register of natural hazard events) database, the FOEN provides the cantonal authorities with an electronic tool for the documentation of natural hazard events. Further information and access to the database can be found here:


The SilvaProtect-CH project involved the surveying of Switzerland's protective forests using standardised methods. One of the project modules involved the modelling of the avalanche, rockfall, debris flow and overbank sedimentation hazard processes throughout Switzerland on the level of detail of a hazard index map. Further information and the address for ordering data from the SilvaProtect-CH project can be found here:

Cross-sectional profiles

The FOEN carries out surveys of national interest in Switzerland. It periodically measures cross-sectional profiles on watercourses. These surveys provide a basis for hazard assessment and for the planning of flood protection and revitalisation measures. Further information on the river surveying and contact information for data enquiries can be found here:

Further information

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