Red List Chiroptera (bats) – Summary

Cover Red List Chiroptera
Year 2014
Pages 95
Number UV-1412-E
Publisher Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, CCO, KOF, SZKF, CSCF, WSL
Series The environment in practice

Threatened Species in Switzerland, Status 2011

There are 30 species of bats in Switzerland. Of the 26 species evaluated, 58 % (15 species) are included on the Swiss Red List according to the criteria proposed by the IUCN and 27 % (7 species) are near threatened (NT). Species roosting in attics and hunting in very structured landscapes are the most threatened. Many threats are associated with the renovation of buildings and the alteration of natural habitats. 

Red List Chiroptera (bats) – Summary (PDF, 70 kB, 13.01.2015)

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