Managing biological risks in contained systems

Managing biological risks in contained systems
Year 2021
Pages 18
Number UV-2118-E
Publisher Federal Office for the Environment FOEN
Series The environment in practice

Roles, qualifications and tasks of biosafety and/or biosecurity officers. Status 2021

These enforcement aid on the roles, tasks and competencies of biosafety and/or biosecu-rity officers have been drawn up to assist companies in their activities involving ge-netically modified, pathogenic or alien organisms, i.e. in preventing the improper use of organisms. Specifically, this document supports the work of one or more indi-viduals designated as biosafety and/or biosecurity officers. It sets out the responsi-bilities of company management as well as the rights and duties of the biosafety and/or biosecurity officers. The guidelines also cover the requirements with respect to public health and the environment as well as employee health and safety.

Managing biological risks in contained systems (PDF, 379 kB, 02.12.2021)

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