Risk-based spatial planning

Year 2015
Pages 29
Number UD-1089-E
Publisher PLANAT, Bundesamt für Umwelt BAFU, Bundesamt für Raumplanung ARE
Series Environmental miscellanea

Synthesis report on two case studies at communal land use planning level

The damage caused by natural hazards has risen steadily in recent decades, despite considerable expenditure on defences. One reason is an ever denser and more intensive use of space, and the extension of land usage to hazard areas. A change of perspective is required to limit the increase in risk and the rising cost of damage. The focus must be shifted more towards land use and the associated potential damage. Two case studies were conducted to determine the finer points of a risk-based approach to spatial planning. The synthesis report presents the case studies, summarises their key findings, lists the open questions, and provides an outlook for the next steps. The repoort provides an overview. It is aimed at planners, experts in natural hazards and others involved on the implementation side of spatial planning.

No hard copy available.

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