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Mixed forest areas

Locally adapted, mixed forests reduce the risk of deficiencies such as those resulting from storms or the proliferation of pests. In addition, they are helpful in adapting to climate change.

Assessment of the state
medium medium
Assessment of the trend
positive positive
Pure deciduous forest 2009/17 (NFI4): 23.9 Pure deciduous forest 2004/06 (NFI3): 23.8 Pure deciduous forest 1993/95 (NFI2): 19.5 Pure deciduous forest 1983/85 (NFI1): 19.1 Mixed deciduous forest 2009/17 (NFI4): 13.7 Mixed deciduous forest 2004/06 (NFI3): 12.8 Mixed deciduous forest 1993/95 (NFI2): 13.1 Mixed deciduous forest 1983/85 (NFI1): 9.8 Mixed coniferous forest 2009/17 (NFI4): 18.4 Mixed coniferous forest 2004/06 (NFI3): 18 Mixed coniferous forest 1993/95 (NFI2): 20.3 Mixed coniferous forest 1983/85 (NFI1): 17.1 Pure coniferous forest 2009/17 (NFI4): 42.2 Pure coniferous forest 2004/06 (NFI3): 42.8 Pure coniferous forest 1993/95 (NFI2): 45.9 Pure coniferous forest 1983/85 (NFI1): 49.1 No data 2009/17 (NFI4): 1.8 No data 2004/06 (NFI3): 2.6 No data 1993/95 (NFI2): 1.2 No data 1983/85 (NFI1): 4.9
Mixture percentages for coniferous and deciduous forest

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Source: Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL): Swiss National Forestry Inventory (NFI)
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Under the Forest Policy 2020, the percentage of mixed forest areas should increase by 10% (NFI13 basis); however, this threshold value has not yet been achieved. Nevertheless, pure coniferous forests are not as heavily represented as they were in the 80s. The percentage of deciduous forests and mixed deciduous forests has risen, primarily at the lower altitudes, where deciduous forests are better adapted to the conditions.


The mixture of trees is sampled in forests, subsequently modelled and calculated for the entire forest area and producing regions.

Basis for assessment of the trend
Targeted trend Initial value Final value Variation in % Observed trend Assessment
Growth 1983/85 (LFI1) 2009/17 (LFI4) (1) 7.60%, (2) 39.80% (1) Growth, (2) Growth positive
(1) Mixed coniferous forest, (2) Mixed deciduous forest
Last updated on: 19.06.2023

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