Water: Data, maps and indicators

From hydrological monitoring data and evaluation methods to printed maps, the FOEN provides many products on the topic of water.



Assessing and illustrating the status and trends of the environment with a selection of key sizes.


Monitoring data & statistics

Links to current monitoring data on bodies of water, the possibility of obtaining data, information about extreme value statistics, data on the water withdrawn and returned and the Hydrological Yearbook of Switzerland.

Geodata & maps

Links to geodata sets (catchment area structure, watercourse typology, flow maps, etc.), survey maps (water protection, groundwater and hydrogeological maps), specific studies and the map portals of the Hydrological Atlas (HADES) and “Topic Water” at map.geo.admin.ch.


Hydrological estimation methods, modular stepwise procedure and monitoring methods.

Monitoring networks

Information on Swiss river, lake and groundwater monitoring networks operated by the FOEN alone or with partners.

Tracermessung Verzasca - Lavertezzo

Coordination centre: InfoTracer

InfoTracer is the FOEN tool to coordinate, centralise and archive information on tracer tests performed in Swiss groundwater and surface water.

Further information

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