B/CH/23/02 (B23002): Application to release genetically modified barley strains with increased yield potential

Request authorised on February 15, 2024

Publication in the Federal Law Gazette (BBl):

Applicant: Agroscope

Organism: barley

Property: increased yield potential

Genetic modification:

- Method: Mutation of the genes of interest using CRISPR/Cas9.

- Gene of interest: HvCKX2.1 and HvCKX2.2, which encode enzymes that degrade cytokinin in the ear.

Purpose of experiment:

  • Assessment of the genetically modified lines’ yield in field conditions;
  • Analysis of possible effects of the mutations on the plants;
  • Clarification of biosafety aspects related to the release of transgenic barley.


Location of experiment:

Protected site of Agroscope at the site of Zurich, Reckenholz, Reckenholzstrasse 191, 8046 Zurich

Duration of experiment: spring 2023 to autumn 2026

Legal basis:

  • Gene Technology Act (GTA)
  • Release Ordinance (RO)


Last modification 15.02.2024

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