Fluorine (F2) and inorganic compounds (as hydrogen fluoride, HF)


  • fluorine: yellow gas
  • fluorine: a strong oxidant, reduced to hydrogen fluoride (HF) through contact with water

Main sources

  • industry: aluminium, tile, glass, ceramic, fertiliser production
  • elemental fluorine: production of special chemicals and surfacing agents
  • hydrogen fluoride as hydrofluoric acid: glass etching

Thresholds for the reporting requirement of facilities in accordance with Annex 2 PRTRO

(Ordinance on the Register relating to Pollutant Release and the Transfer of Waste and of Pollutants in Waste Water)

  • Air               5,000 kg/year
  • Water           -
  • Soil               -


  • elemental fluorine: highly caustic and oxidises on the skin and lungs
  • damages the bones and teeth through chronic fluorine poisoning
  • hydrogen fluoride: serious ulcers

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