Offsetting CO2 emissions: validation and verification

Year 2024
Pages 44
Number UV-2001-E
Editor Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)
Series Environmental enforcement

A communication of the FOEN in its capacity as enforcement authority of the CO2 Ordinance. Status as of 2024

The CO2 Act (SR 641.71) requires producers and importers of fossil fuels to offset a part of the CO2 emissions generated by their use. Approved validators and verifiers (VVs) assess whether a project or programme satisfies the requirements laid down in the CO2 Ordinance (SR 641.711). They then conduct a full appraisal and in validating the suitability of the project or programme, make a recommendation to the Compensation Office. In the course of periodical verifications, the VVs check that the emission reductions continue to meet the specifications set out in the project or programme description. The FOEN issues attestations on the basis of these verifications..

4th updated edition 2024. 1st edition 2020.

Offsetting CO2 emissions: validation and verification (PDF, 736 kB, 08.01.2024)


Last modification 08.01.2024

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