The hidden functions of Alpine soils

01.12.2016 - Watch nine short films to learn about the functions of soils in the Alps and enjoy beautiful Nockberge Biosphere Reserve, the fertile cheese region of Abondance and the impressive ski resort in Andermatt-Sedrun.

For World Soil Day on 5 December 2016, the FOEN and its partner are presenting nine short films. They feature experts from Austria, France and Switzerland who explain the hidden functions of Alpine soils: In fact, forest soils nourish valuable protected forests and thus help protect settlements in the Alpine region against landslides and rockfalls. Plus, fertile soils that produce special vegetation are the secret behind a delicious Abondance cheese. Finally, soil consultants provide advice on construction projects at ski resorts to help keep them attractive in the summer for tourists.

Alpine soils and biosphere park (Austria)

Alpine soils and agriculture (France)

Alpine soils and tourism (Switzerland)

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