Water: Monitoring networks

The FOEN operates and coordinates several monitoring networks on the topic of water. Long-term measurements at permanent gauging stations and individual readings at temporary sites enable the FOEN to keep track of water flow and quality in Switzerland’s rivers and groundwater, as well as the water level in its lakes.

Basic monitoring network

The FOEN Hydrology Division’s basic monitoring network now comprises some 260 gauging stations on surface waters. In addition to lake water levels, river discharge is measured at 200 sites.

Sediment transport

The FOEN operates nationwide monitoring networks for sediment transported in bodies of water.

Hydrological Study Areas

Since 1957, the hydrology division of the FOEN has operated a network of hy-drological study areas aimed at observing long-term changes in the water re-gime within Switzerland’s most natural catchment areas and reflecting the scope of its wide-ranging climatic regions.

Monitoring network: Water temperature

Temperature is one of the key physical parameters influencing the chemical and, above all, biological processes in a watercourse.

Surface Water Quality (NAWA)

The National Surface Water Quality Monitoring Network (NAWA) enables the FOEN, in collaboration with other federal institutions and cantons, to document and evaluate the state of and changes in Swiss bodies of water on a national level.

NAQUA National Groundwater Monitoring

The NAQUA National Groundwater Monitoring provides a nationally representative picture of the situation and development of the groundwater resources in terms of both quality and quantity.

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