Video: "Swiss water bodies – all clear?"

05.06.2018 - The FOEN has posted a new video on watercourse development in Switzerland.

Dive in and take a seat next to pilot Nino G from planet Nuxxo. You’ll accompany him on an adventure through Switzerland’s riverine landscapes and discover why extensive watercourse correction was carried out in the past, how hydropower impacts the environment, how Switzerland’s water bodies are faring, what wastewater treatment plants can do and why healthy waters should not be taken for granted, even now.

Thanks to the extraordinary 360° video, you can watch the film the way that suits you: on a tablet, on a smartphone or using virtual reality glasses.

Embark on an adventure – the FOEN wishes you an enjoyable journey!  

If you experience problems with video playback, click here. The video will then play with the virtual reality (VR) feature disabled.

Which locations in Switzerland will you visit with Nino G as your pilot?

How to use the 3D glasses

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Last modification 28.06.2018

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