Invasive alien species in Switzerland

Cover Invasive alien species in Switzerland
Year 2022
Pages 62
Number UW-2220-E
Publisher Federal Office for the Environment FOEN
Series Environmental studies

An inventory of alien species and their impact

This publication provides an inventory of the alien species that have become established in the environment in Switzerland, including those which may be detrimental to the environment (i.e. invasive alien species). In addition to outlining the regions of origin and introduction pathways, it shows how their numbers have evolved over time. A total of some 1300 established alien species are known, of which 197 species are considered invasive. Selected species groups are discussed in more detail below. Example speciesare used to show the pathways through which they are introduced and the harm that can be caused by invasive alien species of the respective group.

Alien species in Switzerland (PDF, 5 MB, 03.10.2022)

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