Water: Monitoring data and statistics

Links to current monitoring data on bodies of water, the possibility of obtaining data, information about extreme value statistics, data on the water withdrawn and returned and the Hydrological Yearbook of Switzerland.

Current data

Current hydrological monitoring data from the FOEN and the cantons, international data, meteorological and snow data.

Obtaining monitoring data

Options for obtaining FOEN monitoring data on Swiss rivers, lakes and groundwater.

Flood statistics

L’UFAM valuta statisticamente i dati sugli eventi di piena e mette i risultati a disposizione del pubblico.

Low-flow statistics

The FOEN analyses the data on low water flows statistically and the findings are made available to the public.

Hydrological Yearbook of Switzerland 2022 (Summary)

Discharge, water level and water quality of Swiss water bodies.

Further information

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