Current monitoring data on bodies of water

Current hydrological monitoring data from the FOEN and the cantons.

Current hydrological monitoring data from the FOEN

Discharge and water level data on rivers, lakes and groundwater, water temperatures, river water quality readings, forecasts and bulletins on the current situations of rivers, lakes and groundwater.

Receive the latest hydrological data

It is possible to receive the latest hydrological data (raw data) from the FOEN automatic gauging stations on Swiss watercourses and lakes via SMS or file transfer protocol. The data are also published in the app "Meine Pegel".

Current NADUF data

The annual results for all the NADUF parameters are published in the Hydrological Yearbook in both graphic and tabular form. The long-term data sets are available as ZIP files from EAWAG.

Data from cantonal agencies

Hydrological data, discharge data and forecasts issued by the cantonal authorities

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