Receive the latest hydrological data

It is possible to receive the latest hydrological data (raw data) from the FOEN automatic gauging stations on Swiss watercourses and lakes via SMS or file transfer protocol. The data are also published in the app "Meine Pegel".

Receive the latest hydrological data via SMS

The latest hydrological data (raw data) from around 170 FOEN automatic gauging stations on Swiss watercourses and lakes can be received via SMS. The FOEN particularly hopes that this SMS service will reach people in the field who lack access to an internet link. This can include employees at hydropower stations, federal and cantonal experts, sports enthusiasts, or - in critical flood situations - even members of crisis teams such as the fire service or civil protection units.

To receive the data, first key in the letter on your mobile phone corresponding to the information requested, i.e. H for water level, Q for discharge and T for water temperature, followed by a space and the four-digit number that identifies each gauging station. Text your request to 237 (or from abroad to +41 79 807 41 41). The reply containing the desired data will be received by return. It includes the latest value measured (provisional data), with date and time, the mean for the past 24 hours and maximum and minimum values since the previous day, indicating the difference. It is also possible to request data from several stations in a single text message (e.g., T 2135 2030 2029).

App "Meine Pegel"

Logo App Meine Pegel"

The hydrological data from the FOEN gauging stations are also available on the free mobile app "Meine Pegel". The app provides a quick overview of the development of discharges and water levels and the flood situation in Switzerland. It is also possible to be notified by push notification when a station exceeds a defined limit. The stations and limit values can be configured individually. The app was originally developed for Germany and has now been extended to Switzerland.

The latest hydrological data via file transfer protocol

Where certain conditions are met, it is also possible to receive current data (unchecked raw data) from the FOEN's automatic gauging stations on Swiss watercourses and lakes via file transfer protocol (FTP). This service is free of charge.

To be able to use the service, please complete the following form.

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Transfer protocol

General terms and conditions

By providing the above information, you accept the general terms and conditions. These apply to all customers, and contain both the terms of use for the latest data, and the directions for access to the server:

Further information

  • Access is to be limited to calling up transfer protocols (no API).
  • Access is personal and may not be passed on to third parties.
  • Applications may not access our servers directly, i.e. applications must call up the data via their own backend solutions.

Last modification 21.11.2022

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