Hydrological Data Service for watercourses and lakes

Historical data from hydrometric stations on Swiss watercourses and lakes can be ordered from the Hydrological Data Service.

Information on obtaining measurement data after autumn 2019: The FOEN's database of hydrological measurement data is currently being migrated to a new database. During this migration, recent measurement data are not delivered to customers. Most of the data until the end of September 2019 will remain available and can be provided on request. Deliveries of monthly subscriptions will be temporarily suspended.

Records, some of which go back to the 19th century, are available both on paper and in digital format. Data can be obtained on water levels, discharge, sediment transport, temperatures and various physical and chemical water properties.

Station lists

The station lists provide you information on the status, measuring period, and measurement parameters of individual stations.

Data currency and quality

Measurement rows from operating stations are recorded up to the current year. However, verified but provisional digital data can usually be delivered after about 20 days. These data can also be retrieved in table form (pdf) via the Internet after about 20 days. Depending on the station, provisional and unverified data from the last seven to 40 days can be found as graphics on the Internet.

Depending on the station, definitive data from the report year can usually be released in the following year.


In general data are provided free of charge.

Special orders, which involve significant research and processing, are billed on the basis of actual costs. Billing is based on the FOEN's fees ordinance (Gebührenverordnung BAFU) and the federal administration's general fees ordinance (Allgemeinen Gebührenverordnung). 

Ordering data

We assist you in resolving your questions related to hydrological quantities. We advise you in the choice of stations and types of measurement, providing you the relevant data.

Please use the following form to place your order or send the necessary information to:

Federal Office for the Environment FOEN
Hydrology Division
Michèle Oberhänsli
CH-3003 Berne
Tel: +41 58 463 03 19

Delivery time

Please note that the processing of your request may take several days.

Ordering the data

Delivery and billing address

Further information

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