Hydrological Data Service: Products available (with examples)

Data from hydrometric stations on Swiss watercourses and lakes can be ordered from the Hydrological Data Service. The following products are available:

Records, some of which go back to the 19th century, are available both on paper and in digital format. Data can be obtained on water levels, discharge, sediment transport, temperatures, as well as various physical and chemical water properties.


Digital data


  • discharge
  • water level
  • water temperature
  • suspended load
  • electrical conductivity
  • oxygen content and saturation
  • pH values

Time frame

Annual mean, annual highs and lows, monthly mean, monthly highs and lows, daily mean, daily highs and lows, (CHF 1.- per station, parameter and year)

Continuous monitoring data (available from 1974): reference points, 10 min. mean, hourly mean, hourly highs and lows (CHF 1.- per station, parameter and month)

Plus the additional basic fee of CHF 100.--

The data can also be ordered on the basis of a monthly subscription.

Hourly mean (TXT, 35 kB, 03.02.2015)(from 1974) (CHF 1.- per station, size of measurement, month)




  • discharge
  • water level
  • water temperature
  • suspended load


NADUF, frequency and duration tables: CHF 6.-- per station

Runoff tables from 1992 on the Internet:


Limnigraphic charts

  • Limnigraphic charts: parameters: water level (CHF 10.-- per station and month)
  • Water level-discharge reference tables: (CHF 6.-- per table)
  • Water measurement results: (CHF 3.-per measurement) (Subscription possible)

Plus an additional basic fee of CHF 70.--

Other special data on request with billing based on cost.

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