B21001 Application for authorisation to carry out an experimental release of the alien parasitic wasp G1 Ganaspis cf. brasiliensis for the biological control of the alien cherry vinegar fly (Drosophila suzukii)

Receipt of application published on 24 March 2021

Publication in the Federal Law Gazette (BBI):

Applicant: Servizio fitosanitario of the Canton of Ticino

Description and origin of the organisms:

  • Cherry vinegar fly (Drosophila suzukii), a harmful organism in fruit, berry and wine growing originally from Southeast Asia, which is established in Switzerland;
  • G1 Ganaspis cf. brasiliensis, parasitoid ichneumon wasp native to Asia, possible candidate for biological control of cherry vinegar fly;
  • The G1 Ganaspis cf. brasiliensis intended for use in the trial were bred in the laboratory from individuals collected in Japan in 2015.

Content and purpose of experiment:

  • Studies on the host and habitat specificity of G1 Ganaspis cf. brasiliensis (Drosophila suzukii in fresh fruit vs. Drosophila melanogaster in decaying fruit), and their phenology and overwintering ability under field conditions at two climatically different sites;
  • The trials are carried out in large, enclosed field cages to prevent the organisms used in the trials from being released into the environment;
  • These trials help in the assessment of G1 Ganaspis cf. brasiliensis as a candidate for the biological control of the cherry vinegar fly.

Location of experiment:

Cadenazzo (TI), Delémont (JU)

Duration of experiment: June 2021 to June 2022

Licensing procedure:

  • The procedure is based on Articles 17 et seq. and 21 et seq. of the Ordinance on the Handling of Organisms in the Environment (Release Ordinance, RO) of 10 September 2008 (SR 814.911).


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