B/CH/16/01 (B16001): Application to release genetically modified wheat strains with increased yield potential

Request authorised 27. October 2016.

 Publication in the Federal Law Gazette (BBl):

Applicant: Agroscope, Institute for Sustainability Sciences ISS

Organism: Wheat

Property: increased yield potential

Genetic modification:

- Mildew resistance gene

  1. Promoter: Hordein B1 sequence from barley;
  2. Sucrose transporter gene: HvSUT1 from barley;
  3. Terminator: Hordein B1 sequence from barley.

- Marker gene

The lines that are to be released contain no or no functional marker gene HPT (resistance against the antibiotic hygromycin) anymore.

Purpose of experiment:

  • Analysis of the increased yield in the transgenic lines in field conditions;
  • Evaluation of the transgenic lines regarding their susceptibility to diseases and pests in field conditions;
  • Clarification of biosafety aspects of the transgenic winter wheat lines's release.

Location of experiment:

  • Protected site of Agroscope at the site of Zurich, Reckenholz, Reckenholzstrasse 191, 8046 Zurich

Duration of experiment: autumn 2016 to autumn 2022

Legal basis:

  • Gene Technology Act (GTA)
  • Release Ordinance (RO)



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