Biosafety in non-human gene technology (Summary)

Cover Biosafety in non-human gene technology (Summary)
Year 2009
Pages 4
Number UW-0932-E
Publisher Federal Office for the Environment FOEN
Series Environmental studies

Results of the research programme 2004–2008

The research programme presented here deals with the detection of possible negative effects on the environment that could be caused by genetically modified organisms (GMO), crops in particular. The goal is to provide authorities with the scientific basis to evaluate risks and for the decision-making process. Research focus was set around four topics with a total of eight projects covering aspects that so far were not or were insufficiently investigated. The study shows how a post market monitoring (PMM) has to be set up and what operating expenses it would cause. It also shows the limits of PMM and proposes alternatives. Ethical considerations for evaluating risks are outlined and discussed.

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