Interdepartmental Strategy for Chemical Safety

Strategy for Chemical Safety

The first interdepartmental Strategy for Chemical Safety was devised in 2016 based on a corresponding mandate from the Federal Council, and entered into effect in 2017. It was intended to remain in force for four to five years. In the meantime, the EU has continued to pursue its own chemicals policy, not least as part of the European Green Deal. In view of this, a revision of this initial strategy had become necessary, to align it to new developments and parameters.

The present revised strategy deepens the common understanding among the federal agencies involved in the implementation of chemicals legislation at the federal level in regard to chemical safety, and strengthens collaboration. It should also help build up trust externally, by clearly demonstrating the objectives to be achieved to business and industry, the population, other federal agencies and the political world.

The strategy has been prepared by the federal agencies involved in the federal implementation of chemicals legislation (FOPH, FSVO, FOEN, FOAG and SECO), and will be jointly implemented.


Last modification 06.11.2023

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