SwissPRTR pollutant register

SwissPRTR is the publicly accessible Swiss Pollutant Release and Transfer Register. It provides information about releases of pollutants and transfers of wastes from facilities and diffuse sources.

In SwissPRTR you can search for facilities whose annual pollutant releases exceed a specific internationally defined threshold. You can limit your search to specific facility criteria, pollutants or waste treatment.

The most recently published figures are those of 2021. The data for 2022 will be available from the end of March 2024 at the latest.

Data reporting by facilities: Facilities that are required to report their data can do so using a password-protected application:

SwissPRTR working group

This group was created in 2000 and includes representatives from industry (associations and facilities required to report), environmental associations, and cantonal and national authorities (see list). It usually meets once per year.

In its first years, the working group helped prepare the ordinance and develop the software for users. Today, its duties are mainly to:

  • continuously review communications with the outside world,
  • share opinions on suggested software modifications,
  • comment on international developments from the perspective of various interest groups,
  • assist in reporting to the Conference of the Parties.

Further information

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