Pilot programme 'Adaptation to climate change'

Climate change is a reality to which Switzerland, like other countries, must adjust. To this end, the federal government has launched a pilot programme showing practical ways that Switzerland can adapt to the changing climate. A total of 50 projects are running in all parts of the country, under the overall responsibility of the Federal Office for the Environment.


Even if we succeed in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, the climate will continue to change over the coming decades. We will therefore need to adjust to new conditions. With this in mind, the Federal Council has developed a strategy and an action plan for adapting to climate change. The aim is for authorities, businesses and the public to take up this challenge and overcome it together.

The pilot programme 'Adaptation to climate change' is part of the federal government's adaptation strategy. It supports exemplary, innovative projects in the cantons, regions, cities and communes and shows practical ways that Switzerland can adapt to the changing climate. The projects aim to minimise climate risks, increase adaptability and exploit opportunities at a local level.

The pilot programme 'Adaptation to climate change' has been running since 2013. An initial phase involving 31 projects was successfully completed in 2017. The second phase is now under way, comprising a total of 50 projects.

Detailed information about the ongoing projects together with findings and results from the first phase of the programme can be found on the website of the National Centre for Climate Services (NCCS).


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Last modification 03.09.2018

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