State of groundwater

Good quality groundwater is available in sufficient quantities almost everywhere in Switzerland. Traces of artificial, rather persistent substances are found mainly in conurbations and regions used for intensive agriculture. This is shown by the analyses of the National Groundwater Monitoring NAQUA.

Groundwater resources

Switzerland is rich in groundwater. Groundwater resources occur almost everywhere, both in unconsolidated sediments and fissured or karstified bedrock. They represent an important natural and economic resource.

Groundwater quantity

Groundwater levels and spring discharges indicate the status and trend of groundwater quantity conditions. Variations in groundwater quantity are heavily influenced by precipitation and temperature on the surface of the soil.

Groundwater quality

The quality of groundwater in Switzerland is generally good to very good. In conurbations and regions with intensive agriculture, however, groundwater can contain traces of undesirable artificial substances.

Stable water isotopes

The stable water isotopes deuterium and oxygen-18 are suitable tracers in the water cycle and can also be used to track climate changes.

NAQUA National Groundwater Monitoring

The NAQUA National Groundwater Monitoring provides a nationally representative picture of the situation and development of the groundwater resources in terms of both quality and quantity.

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